New Year book of a Goal, Plan and Action checked

As we begin to close out the first week of the new year many business owners have been talking to us about their plans for the new year and how they are going to make the most of it. Here’s a list of 10 easy things we believe every business owner should be doing to start their year off strong.

  1. Clear the clutter. Go through all your digital and physical files from last year and purge anything you do not need. A good rule of thumb is if you have not looked at it in 4+ months you can purge it. This will clear your mind allowing you to feel more energized and focused. Do not feel like you must do this on your own either! Work with your team and plan a companywide cleanup day to help elevate clutter everywhere.
  2. Get a Planner. Are you currently using a planner or calendar solution to keep track of your activity? Is it working for you? If not, make it a priority to find one that does work for your business. If digital does not seem to work for you try going old school daily planners have proven to be extremely effective.
  3. Give your company a facelift. If your customers come to your place of business, you should ensure that everything looks perfect. Inspect your signage, wall & ceiling paint, and furnishings to see what needs to be updated. For new customers entering your business this may become their first impression so ensure you make a good one.
  4. Revisit you plans from the past year. When 2020 started what goals did you set? Did you achieve them? If not, why, and do you still wish to achieve these goals. Did you hit all your goals? If so, try to raise the bar when setting your targets for 2021.
  5. Connect with you most valuable customers. This is not meant to be a sales call this is a check in just get tabs on your customer and ensure that they understand how much they mean to you. GET PERSONAL ask them about their goals for the year to see if there is any business opportunity for you down the road as well.
  6. Connect with your Team. With everyone out for the holidays the new year is a perfect time to regroup with everyone to ensure that everyone is on the same page for the year to come. This doesn’t stop at your company team members reach out to your referral partners and any business contact who you may have lost contact with last year, this is a great time to get them back on your side.
  7. Commit to learning. In order to stay on top, you must keep improving so make continuous learning a top priority for your company. Go to a convention, sign up for a magazine subscription within your field, listen to a vlog or audiobook, there are many ways to improve your knowledge. The key is to ensure you are continuously doing it for if you stop your competition will not.
  8. Get your tax documents in order. Begin gathering your 2020 documents and data in one central location and make sure you set up an appointment with your accountant. The sooner you begin doing this the less headaches you will have.
  9. Ensure your workplace is healthier this year. Even before all the craziness of 2020 employee health and wellness was a top priority for worker satisfaction. Come up with creative strategies or activities to reduce stress and improve fitness.
  10. Don’t panic, breath. You now have a big list of things to do and that may feel a little overwhelming. Do not panic it is easy to overburden yourself with dozens of unrealistic goals, rather break them down into easier more manageable tasks. Be sure to set checkpoints throughout the year so you may assess you progress.

Completing these 10 easy tasks will kickstart your year allowing you and your team to hit all your goals. 

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