Asset Based Lending 

This is the practice of using assets as pledged collateral for a substantial amount of working capital. Companies can replace an existing credit line with the monetization of physical assets; essentially leveraging an item not generating revenue for immediate access to capital. Securing traditional capital is not only becoming harder to obtain, the process  has become long and drawn out. When a company is in need of working capital, many businesses are seeking alternative financing programs, making Asset Based Lending (ABL) more popular. Underwriters place emphasis on the value of assets, instead of personal credit and balance sheet contents. ABL offers a credit line that will be substantially higher than they would find elsewhere. 

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Highland Hill Capital was founded under one common goal: Cut the cost of access to working capital while providing transparent lending services to businesses. With years of experience in the business financing industry, it has become evident that undercapitalization is the single greatest threat to a business. In return, Highland Hill Capital provides businesses a quick, secure, and easy-to-use platform to access immediate capital. With our wide variety of funding options, Highland Hill Capital is here to help your business obtain the most comfortable and affordable form of financing. 

With one simple application, you find out what you qualify for. To begin, please fill out our one-page application below, or contact us.


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