Equipment Financing & Leasing

Equipment Financing:

Equipment Financing entails extending credit to a business for the sole purpose of securing a piece of equipment that the business plans to own outright at the end.


  • Cash flow
  • Tax incentives
  • Ownership of asset(s)

Equipment Leasing:

Involves extending capital to a business by having them rent the equipment the business will be using. This option is great for a business that wants to upgrade their equipment with new equipment every 12 to 36 months.

Good for technology-driven companies/software companies/gym equipment/medical equipment.


  • Cash flow
  • Always have new equipment/technology
  • Lower up-front costs
  • Option to buy equipment at the end of the term
  • Tax incentive

Equipment Sale Leaseback:

The business will outlay the cash for the equipment/goods upfront and provide us with the paid invoice that was received from the purchase. In return, the business is essentially selling the equipment back to “the bank” and we will provide an option to finance that equipment back to the business with the term spread out over 36 to 60 monthly payments. This brings the cash flow back into the business and spreads it out over a monthly term.


  • Cash flow
  • Act fast on equipment purchases
  • Can be a form of asset-based lending
  • Can be used for an equity LOC based on owned equipment

Vendor Financing:

Method of offering a streamlined approach to equipment financing vendors that sell equipment. We offer many incentives to vendors and provide an attractive value proposition. Please click here if you are a vendor and would like to schedule a welcome call with a Senior Financing Executive.


  • Financing options for customers
  • Streamline funding