Invoice Factoring

This is the practice of selling accounts receivables for an upfront lump sum of cash. Factoring allows for an increase in working capital and thus improves business cash flow. Rather than wait on customers to pay their invoices, this product provides an opportunity for your business to obtain immediate capital and avoid the risk of non-payment. Another major benefit of factoring invoices is that it is not a loan, and thus does not have an impact on your balance sheet. Factoring allows for you to be paid for work that you have already completed.

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Highland Hill Capital was founded under one common goal: Cut the cost of access to working capital while providing transparent lending services to businesses. With years of experience in the business financing industry, it has become evident that undercapitalization is the single greatest threat to a business. In return, Highland Hill Capital provides businesses a quick, secure, and easy-to-use platform to access immediate capital. With our wide variety of funding options, Highland Hill Capital is here to help your business obtain the most comfortable and affordable form of financing. 

With one simple application, you find out what you qualify for. To begin, please fill out our one-page application below, or contact us.


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