Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advances (MCA’s) are otherwise known as a purchase of future receivables and are one of the quickest ways to obtain financing. Providing funding of $1,000,000 within one business day is just one of the potential benefits an MCA can offer. MCAs provide a stress free form of financing. Through innovation and minimal amounts of required documentation, this transaction tends to be effortless as well as paperless. MCA’s are a cash-flow based product, has no set term and is based on projected revenue. Approvals are dependent on cash-flow generated by the business. In addition, an individual’s credit score typically has little to no impact on the approval process. MCA’s are a great option for businesses that are working to obtain capital because they are efficient and flexible. Obtaining an approval is as simple as filing out a one-page application and providing three months of business bank statements. Typically, funds can be wired the same day of application and often within hours of receiving the finalized contracts. This is a very unique product that allows business to seize countless opportunities by providing a lump-sum of cash up front.

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Highland Hill Capital was founded under one common goal: Cut the cost of access to working capital while providing transparent lending services to businesses. With years of experience in the business financing industry, it has become evident that undercapitalization is the single greatest threat to a business. In return, Highland Hill Capital provides businesses a quick, secure, and easy-to-use platform to access immediate capital. With our wide variety of funding options, Highland Hill Capital is here to help your business obtain the most comfortable and affordable form of financing. 

With one simple application, you find out what you qualify for. To begin, please fill out our one-page application below, or contact us.


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