Term Loan

Term loans come with a fixed payment structure, that stays the same for the existence of the loan and thus allows businesses to budget based off that payment. Along with a fixed interest, there is also a fixed term, that is substantially longer than other forms of financing. This is beneficial as an operator because you have a clear understanding of the terms, the payment, and how you can optimize the capital provided. Term loans provide all the capital up-front in one lump sum payment. Typically, a business would use a term loan for a capital-intensive investment, project, or piece of equipment. The major difference between term loans and other forms of financing is that personal credit score plays as big a role as business financials. In addition lenders will typically ask, for a business plan, a defined use of the business capital and how it will increase sales and profits once deployed.

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Highland Hill Capital was founded under one common goal: Cut the cost of access to working capital while providing transparent lending services to businesses. With years of experience in the business financing industry, it has become evident that undercapitalization is the single greatest threat to a business. In return, Highland Hill Capital provides businesses a quick, secure, and easy-to-use platform to access immediate capital. With our wide variety of funding options, Highland Hill Capital is here to help your business obtain the most comfortable and affordable form of financing. 

With one simple application, you find out what you qualify for. To begin, please fill out our one-page application below, or contact us.



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